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FROG Consulting

Company created to generate operational improvements in each of our businesses. It has a positive impact on the levels of satisfaction of our clients, who can also get support in how to develop their operational and administrative activities, making ...(+)

FROG Technology

Welcome to FROG Technology It is a key enterprise in the development of our business strategy, through which different applications are developed. This, makes services stand out from our competitors. It allows us to incorporate IT into the implement ...(+)

FROG Industrial Protection

Company committed to provide optimal private security solutions for high-profile industrial, commercial and administrative complexes. It considers the combination of technical, technological, and human resources-all geared to protecting the interests ...(+)

FROG Facility Service

Company thought to run a set of services that make up the concept of Facility Management, in other words, the integral management of office buildings and housing, located either in industrial areas or office rooms, whose aim is to ensure proper funct ...(+)

FROG Operational Support

FROG is focused on the development of activities directly related to the industrial operational processes of its customers. It allows them to sustain the production process which is a strategic part of their main economic activity. Thus, the followin ...(+)


Private security company geared to deliver comprehensive solutions to generic enclosures with moderate needs for protection of assets and people.(+)
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