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Welcome to FROG Technology It is a key enterprise in the development of our business strategy, through which different applications are developed. This, makes services stand out from our competitors. It allows us to incorporate IT into the implementation, measurement and support of application processes. Also, it allows us to offer our customers technological solutions built on our executives and experts' experience in the field, who, when necessary, come up with simple solutions that consist of products applicable to all sorts of situations.
Consulting in Technology Optimization
Optimization of strategic processes using technology tools.
Service Management Software
Licensing WEB applications using the Software as Service (SaaS) that allow you to make more efficient the execution of operating processes of your company.
Support Services
Execution of preventive, corrective and user support services for the technological infrastructure for your company, including the software and hardware.
Software Development
Design, development and implementation of software solutions, according to the needs of your company.
Contract management and acquisitions
Contract management and acquisitionsEvaluate the proposals of your suppliers and the execution of the awarded services, applying controls on the most representative resources.
Recruitment management, selection and hiring of staff
Recruitment management, selection and hiring of staffControl the correct and timely execution of all stages of the staff recruitment process.
Management of accreditation of collaborating staff
Management of accreditation of collaborating staffEstablish requirements for entry and stay in your facility, controlling the documentary expirations.
Management of passes of visits
Management of passes of visitsManage quickly and easily site visits by automatically controlling compliance with the requirements and authorizations set by the company.
Vehicle Accreditation Management
Vehicle Accreditation ManagementEstablish and control the standards for the entry and permanence of vehicles within the enclosures of your company, monitoring the documentary expiration.
Management of transport of personnel
Management of transport of personnelReduce the costs of personnel transfer by optimizing the resources allocated to the process, permanently monitoring the maximization of the use of the vehicles and routes destined to this activity.
Management of vehicular displacement control
Management of vehicular displacement controlImprove the road behavior of own workers and collaborators who move to work.
Management of income and asset outflow
Management of income and asset outflowMaintain better control over assets that are part of the company's most representative assets and its contractors, to guard against leakage and loss.
Access control management
Access control managementEnsure that persons, vehicles and assets entering corporate premises have been duly authorized.
Management of internal driving licenses
Management of internal driving licensesEstablish the requirements that your company defines for the habilitation of drivers inside the corporate premises, controlling the documentary expiration.
Management of medical attention in polyclinics
Management of medical attention in polyclinicsKeep information of medical procedures applied inside of the corporate premises, in real time.
Food Service management
Food Service managementMaintain accurate control over the allocation and procurement of institutional food services for workers.
Hosting management
Hosting managementThe best tool on the market to optimize the use of housing resources in the premises of the company intended for housing workers.
Recreation resource management
Recreation resource managementOptimize your investment in recreation infrastructure based on information obtained on the use of resources by workers in each corporate area.
Management of facilities and equipment maintenance
Management of facilities and equipment maintenanceIncrease shelf life; Availability and quality of the facilities and equipment of the company, through a correct management of maintenance.
Medical license management
Medical license managementIdentify timely the main reasons for absenteeism for medical reasons that allow you to implement action plans to ensure productivity.
Management of assist control
Management of assist controlGet your personnel's attendance records in real-time, interacting with different capture equipment and ERP software.
Control of endowments
Control of endowmentsImprove the economic results of the company by controlling the correct execution of the services in terms of the funding required for each project.
Management of performance evaluations and surveys
Management of performance evaluations and surveysImprove the ability of the company to obtain data from its employees and convert it, immediately, into information with strategic value.
Unlinking Management
Unlinking ManagementIncrease the profitability and prestige of your company by carrying out personnel release processes correctly executed and in a timely manner until the end of the process.
Statistics of people
Statistics of peopleImprove the decision-making capacity of the company based on an efficient management of the information of the personnel.
Registration of claims
Registration of claimsImprove the prestige of the company from an adequate follow-up and resolution of legal disputes, maintaining information on the origin of them, for the application of preventive action plans.
Registration of fines
Registration of finesAvoid escalating labor disputes by following up on the regularization of deviations detected by the labor authority and preventing the recurrence of such events.
Loss control statistics
Loss control statisticsImprove the company's security indicators by obtaining timely information on incidents and relevant findings in security management.
Management of explosives control
Management of explosives controlImprove the safety and inventory levels of explosive material in the company's premises, based on monitoring the correct use of the products.
Business management platform
Business management platformIncrease the competitiveness of your company's economic proposals, subsequently controlling the correct execution of the services delivered.
Digital library
Digital libraryIn order to make all the documentation related to an integrated management system available, we have crafted a digital library, in which your company will is given the possibility to store information concerning procedures, manuals, job descriptors, among others, that are vital for proper administration. To gain access, users only need a device with internet connection.
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